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Eleanor started her career in financial technology before co-founding an e-commerce company. Now a Cristina Gaw Research Associate in Gender and Technology at the University of Cambridge, she maintains her strong interest in commercial concerns and opportunities in AI by working to bridge the gap between industry in academia in AI Ethics. She has an international dual degree PhD from the University of Bologna and the University of Granada, where she was an Early Stage Researcher for the EU Horizon 2020 ETN-ITN-Marie Curie Project “GRACE” (Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe). Her research focused on the complementarity of science fiction written by European women writers and contemporary queer, feminist and critical race theory. During that project, she made two short films about science fiction utopias and dystopias, and co-created a feminist quotation-generating App called 'Quotidian'.  

On this site you can learn more about her past and present projects, media appearances, and publications. She has been an invited speaker for national and international events, podcast interviews, and lectures, and has contributed to panel discussions for corporate and academic audiences, both in person and online. She has organised international conferences and policy workshops, and has done advisory work in the AI Ethics space, most recently for the UN Data Science & Ethics Group's 'Applied Ethics Toolkit'. For more information on media appearances and how to book Eleanor, see the Media page.


Most of her time is spent working on a cutting-edge AI Ethics project, a collaboration between the University of Cambridge and a technology multinational. The study is the largest of its kind to date. She is available to present research findings from April 2022. She is the Co-Founder and Co-Host of The Good Robot, a top AI Ethics podcast. She also leads a team creating an online tool that makes recruitment AI explainable. For more information on these and other activities, see the Projects page. 

She has written and been interviewed for various media outlets, and has also published a number of papers and book chapters, including the Black Mirror Critical Media anthology, (see Resumé). Her most recent papers explore why AI is performative and whether AI really can de-bias the hiring process. She is currently working on making The Good Robot podcast into a book of interviews: 35 Leading Thinkers on Feminist AI. She is also a co-editor of Feminist AI: Critical Perspectives on Algorithms, Data and Intelligent Machine (forthcoming). 



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