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Client Endorsements & Testimonials

I give my all to every audience I speak to, so I'm thrilled to have got great feedback from clients: 


"You were sensational! Eloquent, articulate, passionate"

- Bloomberg, February 2024


"Such a fascinating talk from Eleanor Drage, PhD about the future of AI and chat gpt. Was completely blown away"

- Penna Executive Recruitment, July 2023


"Your perspective serves as a wonderful inspiration. Thank you for being a role model"

- Bloomberg, February 2024

 "A huge thank you to Eleanor for such a thought provoking and educational session for us all."

- Oaklin Consulting, March 2024


"It was a fantastic session that kicked off the conference perfectly, guiding us through the various myths about AI and how we can respond to them, to make things better and safer for everyone!"

- Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA), March 2024

"a huge thanks for a great inspiring session about AI"

"Thank you so much for the fantastic session on AI - we’ve had great feedback from employees and guests" 🙏

- Sharegain, November 2023

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"A big thanks to Eleanor Drage for your thought-provoking insights into what it means to be human in the era of AI and our evolving — but long-standing —relationship with technology."

"a great inspiring session about AI"

- Sharegain, November 2023

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